About Us

Established by Mr. ILANGO, in 1969, GEMINI FLOUR MILLS (M) SDN BHD has been a success in the food industry. For more than three decades, GEMINI FLOUR MILLS has been a symbol of prosperity and happiness, providing delicious and tasty products to the kitchen of everybody's home.


Our Vision is to be a Leading Manufacturing and Trading company that provides high quality Food/Food Ingredients, Spice and Flour to meet our customers rapidly changing life styles and Taste Buds.


Our Mission is to Provide High quality products through dynamic research and development, taking into consideration market needs, undertaking efforts for better health and providing professional support to the market of today and the future.

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Why Gemini Products

  • All Products are Registered with Ministry of Health
  • Lab Tested By Leading Labrotaries in Malaysia
  • All our Products utilizes the latest Technology, reliability test, consistency and Quality Control.
  • All Product 100% natural ingredients. Without any Permitted coloring for curry powders and spices.