Product Details

GEMINI CHAKKI FRESH ATTA is great for makcing rotis(chappati)which puffes well & will remain soft even hours later.

You can also make tasty parathas soft puris,


1.Mix 2cups of GEMINI ATTA flour with 1cup of water.Mix throughly till become a thick dough.

2.Take a lemon size of dough and roll in flat round shape.

3.Place it on heated dhosai pan,turn it when it puffs up remove and serve.


1.Mix 2 cups of GEMINI ATTA flour with 1 cup of water make a thick dough(like chappati dough)take small lemon size of dough and roll into small circle.

2.Deep fry in oil while frying turn it and when it puff up remove puri and serve.


1.Mix 1 cup of GEMINI ATTA flour with 2 cups of water and stir even. 2.Heat dhosai pan and pour 1 round spoon of dhosai batter in the centre of the pan and spread it even into a round shape.After cooking,flip it over for a while. Remove from the pan and serve hot. (it becomes crispy and golden brown if you add butter)


1.Mix 2 cups of GEMINI ATTA flour (roasted of heated)with 3/4 cup of water and pinch salt mix well

2.Put into puttu pan and steam for 15 minutes.Add grated coconut and sugar with cooked puttu .It is ready to serve.

3.For microwave oven add 2 table spoon of ghee,mix well(instead of water).Cook for 2 minutes in the oven,add greated coconut and sugar with cook puttu.It is ready to serve.